Pre-Cast Concrete Pools

Affordable & Quick to Install

Why We’ve Partnered with Drop in Pools®

At Gary Pools, we believe every homeowner should experience the luxury of owning a pool. That is why we have partnered with Drop In Pools to install their pre-cast concrete pools. A pre-cast pool is a perfect fit for customers with tight installation deadlines or restrictive backyards. Most Drop In Pools can be installed three times faster than a traditional pool, resulting in a simpler, effortless construction experience.

Drop in Pools®
Installed by Gary Pools

For a more affordable approach, consider our Drop In Pool option, where we install a pre-cast concrete pool in lieu of our specialty designed Gary Pools for a faster and more affordable process.


Pre-cast concrete plunge pools are a more cost-effective option compared to custom pools.

fast installation

With pre-cast concrete plunge pools, you can have your pool up and running in no time.


We offer a 10-year structural warranty, showcasing Drop In Pools’ confidence in the durability of our products.


Our pools feature single-pour, six-inch-thick walls reinforced with steel, guaranteeing durability against time and ground shifting.


You don’t need to compromise on customization; our pools offer a variety of finish selections, making every pool personalized and unique.

Flamed Finish

Obtain both comfort and ease of maintenance with the highest-grade interior pool finish on the market.

What’s Included?

Our pre-cast pools go beyond the basics, offering the following features with every model to ensure quality, durability, and style.


Each pool comes with a high-quality, bonded pool skimmer for effortless upkeep.

Pump Combo

Achieve optimal flow and pristine filtering with our dual-speed pump and filter.


Enhance the ambiance of your pool with our LED lights, offering a spectrum of colors for the perfect evening swim.

Umbrella Anchor

Each pool is equipped with a built-in umbrella anchor, providing a convenient and secure way to add shade to your pool area.


Our pools include an advanced autofill system, ensuring a consistent water level and hassle-free maintenance.

Flamed Finish

Our pools feature Flamed Finish, a high-grade interior coating that offers both durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Equipment Add-ons
    Automation, Heater, Salt System
  • Multiple Sanitation Options
    Salt, Ozone, Chlorine
  • Waterline Tile
  • Pump/Filter Duo
  • Crane Facilitation
  • Pool Installation

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