Leak Detections

Pool Repairs

Structural & Non-Structural Leaks

Minimally Invasive Approach

Every pool is unique, which is why our leak detection process is tailored to your pool’s specific conditions. The rate of water loss coupled with a site evaluation will indicate the most likely source of the leak which serves as the starting place for the detection.

Signs of a Leak

Pool is Losing More Than ¼” per Day

Pump Loses Prime

Unexplained Areas of Wet Grass

Cracks in the Pool Shell

Cracks in the Pool Deck

Bucket Test Indicates a Leak

State of the Art Technology

Our team uses a wide variety of processes and techniques to pinpoint the location of your pool’s leak, including:

A Gary Pools employee using equipment to test for pool leaks

Water Loss Sensor

Pipe Pressure Testing


Pipe Cameras

Dye Testing

Diving Equipment

The Process


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comprehensive detection

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Repairs are preformed

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