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Gary Pools boasts a reliability that goes far beyond the industry standard.

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Gary Pools uses some of the most unique features and exclusive maintenance savers in the industry.

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Gary Pools prioritizes safety features to help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

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Our Process

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During the consultation process, one of our experienced designers will visit your property, capture photos of the space, and engage in discussions to fully grasp your vision for the perfect pool.


Free Estimate

After the consultation, our sales team will give you a free estimate.
*Our estimates are ballparked until we have a final design.


Design Presentation

Once we’ve collected all of the necessary information, our design team creates a presentation for client approval, inviting the clients to visit our Gary Pools office to view and finalize their pool design.


Build out

After design approval, we schedule the build out to guarantee a smooth and seamless process.

Getting it Done

Our Design Process

Our design process is a seamless journey where every step is thoughtfully crafted to bring your dream pool to life. From the initial brainstorming to the final touches, we take care of every detail. Together, we combine your vision with our expertise to create the perfect pool for you.

Step 1


During the consultation phase, our team visits your home to have a personalized discussion about your specific wants, needs, and budget for the new pool. We take pictures and measure yard elevations, gathering essential information that will guide our design process.

Step 2

2D Design

Next, we take the information collected during the consultation and translate it into a 2D design. This design outlines the pool’s basic shape, location, and any additional features, providing a clear and concise visual blueprint for the project.

Step 3

3D Design

Our team then transforms the 2D design into a 3D rendering. This conversion provides a more realistic and detailed visual representation of what the finished pool will look like, allowing for a better understanding of the spatial dynamics and overall aesthetics.

Step 4

Build Plan

At this phase, we finalize the material selections for the pool and present you with a detailed build plan. This plan outlines our construction process, the materials we’ll use, timelines, and other essential details necessary for building your pool.

Step 5


The final step includes adding all the finishing touches, such as pool accessories, and conducting final inspections. We ensure everything is perfectly in place and ready for you to enjoy your new pool!

Modern home with a large pool area that has a jacuzzi and a shallow lounge area

Explore Our Gallery

Looking for some inspiration? Or simply interested in our past work? Check out our extensive gallery from the past 64 years!

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Learn about the low maintenance features that are included with our pools and why choosing Gary Pools is a reliable, safe, and prudent investment.

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Gary Pools Puts Our Clients First


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We provide pool cleaning services for the first 12 weeks


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Receive a reimbursement for swimming lessons, up to $75/child in your household


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Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Platinum 2-Year Warranty


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We work with multiple lenders

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