Owning a pool certainly has its many rewards. Enjoying your pool has its responsibilities as well. While many pool owners enjoy the maintenance and responsibilities that go along with owning a pool, many other pool owners would rather simply enjoy the luxury of pool ownership without the hassle and worry. As a pool owner, have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • Would you enjoy your pool more if you did not have to personally maintain your pool?
  • Does your busy schedule keep you from spending as much time as you want with your pool?
  • Are you getting ready to go on a long vacation but have no one to keep up with the maintenance of your pool while you are gone?
  • Maybe you have renters and would rather have your pool professionally maintained.

Consider allowing Gary Pools to maintain your pool and equipment on a regular basis. Our Route Maintenance Team will take all your worries away. Our technicians are fully trained, uniformed and background checked for your safety. We assign a Personal Technician to a consistent route and day for your convenience and consistency. It is a relationship forged to insure the beauty and value in your investment.

Please give Gary Pools Maintenance Service Department a call today at 210-341-3333 Ext. 118. We can help your pool ownership be less worry and MORE ENJOYMENT!

  • Properly test pool water chemistry for PH, alkalinity, stabilizer and chlorine levels (and salt as applicable)
  • Chemically treat pool water with required pool chemicals per test results
  • Check and clean skimmer baskets and empty pool cleaner bag
  • Brush and vacuum pool walls and floor
  • Skim pool water surface


  • Clean deck in the immediate pool area
  • Backwash or clean filter system and strainer basket; maintain/filter equipment area in a clean and neat condition
  • Clean T-Cell (on Saltwater Systems)

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