Since the beginning of time, the sound of moving water has lead to life, has given a sense of calm, has relieved stress, and has created a feeling of well being. The new premier line of swimming pools from Gary Pools is called Fallingwater, named after the Frank Lloyd Wright home that was but in Pennsylvania in conjunction with a waterfall. Our line of Fallingwater pools draws one closer to nature, is intended to relieve stress, and is intended to add value to your home.

With only the very best options, Fallingwater is designed to be maintenance free with our exclusive Fallingwater complete bumper-to-bumper warranty. Falling water Platinum includes everything for pool enjoyment including the sounds of falling water for the enrichment of your life. It also includes biweekly pool maintenance to keep it clean and beautiful.

Fallingwater is the result of over 62 years of pool building experience at Gary Pools. Fallingwater is the luxury “car” of swimming pools. The bells and whistles are already included. All that the homeowner is required to do is to relax, enjoy the sounds of falling water, and build lasting memories with friends and family in your new Fallingwater pool by Gary.



Price Based on 3’ Max Yard Slope

20 Miles Max From Sales Office

Financing Available



Custom Pool Shapes up o 36’

Depth 3’ to 5’ (Typ)

Deck Width 3’

3 HP Power Miser Pump

425 Square Foot Micron Filter

Super Capacity Surface Skimmer

3’ Cantilever Structural Design

Color Logic Pool Lighting

Coping- Flagstone, Alcas Noche or Sun Deck

Decking- Flagstone or Sun Deck

Salt Chlorination System

Electronic Water Level Make Up

High Water Overflow

PoolBoy Floor Cleaning System

PoolBoy Automated Polaris 280 Vacuum

E Command Automation System

Hand Held Remote Control

Vacuum Suction Eliminator

Primus Safety Main Drain

Gary V Steel Reinforcement

QuartzScape Deluxe Plaster

Falling Water Feature ($9,000 Allowance)

BiWeekly Maintenance