In 1961, Leif Zars designed a monolithic wall-to-walk cantilever structure, specifically designed to solve problems created by the expansive soils of Texas. Our cantilever structure solves the problems that come up with a “beam pool” or a “two piece decking system” that tend to separate in your yard and your pool structure.

Be sure to ask your Gary Pools Designer about the structural differences that make a Gary Pool so much stronger and have such a long life. We have seen many pool companies build a pool that fails in a few years, or even sooner. It is devastating to the homes value and the repair can cost as much as the pool in many cases. Take our experience as a builder with 20,000 pools in the ground, and know we only build first class, so that it lasts a lifetime.

Other features included in every Gary Pool is the Gary Vanaloy™ Reinforcing Steel, the life saving Primus Safety Main Drain, the available money-saving PowerMiser System and an 8″ thick Gunite shell that gives a Gary pool its durability and extra longevity.

All reasons that prove… we build dreams that last!
It is our goal to provide you with the best pool equipment to make sure you spend your time having fun with a Gary Pool, not maintaining it. Our superior equipment not only decreases the amount of time and money used to operate your pool, but our equipment increases the life and value of your pool.

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