This is what some of Gary Pools customers have to say.

“Robert, Joe & Larry did a great job. Great Communication…”             

Thomas & Onme P. – June12, 2017

“…Robert was awesome to work with. Joe & Larry were very professional …”   

Mark & Carla E. – May 6, 2017

“We could not say enough great things about Gary Pools and their work. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with. Everything was smooth going, on time, and just as planned. JOE goes over and beyond to make sure we are happy! Anytime we called he was quick to help us out. We will recommend Gary Pools to all of our friends.”

Brandon & Becky B. – May 3, 2017

“We are very happy with our pool, from design to build quality to completed product. Steve and Joe  and their crews were outstanding. They communicated with us throughout the process, keeping us well informed of the jobs that would be preformed each week and what we should be expecting. The build was complete in 8 week and we look forward to enjoying this pool for many years. Thank you for providing such a wonderful team of professionals.”

Steve & Carmen W.  – April 5, 2017

“Steve Massie could not have been better!! He offered to cut down a small tree on his own time to save us an expense. The stakeout tech was a math genius…. Larry, our pool school tech was & continues to be a valuable source of information.”  

Tom & Paula E. – January 2, 2017

“Everyone was professional & nice. Good Job”     

Ernst H. -November 20, 2016

“We can’t say enough about your staff. From Steve Massie to Larry, the pool guy-the crews were artisans. The office staff was patient with our questions. Joe was the best project manager, Alex, the excavation crew lead, John from service-all made us so happy we went with your company!! Marks parents bought a pool from you in 1978-and it is still a beautiful asset to my mother in laws home. We invited a young neighborhood couple with small children over and told them about why Gary Pools is the best choice. Today, they were meeting with Robert in your sales office. I know the A’s will be as happy as we are!! Thank, Diana & Mark H.”

Mark & Diana H -August 8, 2016

“We had awesome experience with Gary Pools. Thank you very much!! We are so excited about our pool. Everyone was very polite and professional.”

Ronald & Cynthia A.  -April 4, 2016

“Everyone taking part from the beginning to the end of the completion of the pool were professional, respectful and knowledgeable throughout the process. …all the Gary Pool folk were great, a fantasist job by all.”

Jim B. -March 38, 2016

“Because we live so far out of town we really didn’t expect the service we received – boy were we wrong.”

Mark W. – July 18, 2013

“Everyone was very helpful and friendly. All 10’s!!”
Helen C. – June 17, 2013

“Thanks again to Steve Massie for caring the way you do towards my family regarding our pool!! Yours is truly a labor of love and for this I salute you!!”
Joseph K. – June 8, 2013

“Joe and Larry were outstanding!! Their customer service and responses were the best!!”
Pat C. – May 24, 2013

“Karen and Larry were excellent!!”
John P. – May 21, 2013

“The whole process was incredibly painless and my pool exceeds my expectations!!”
S B. – May 20, 2013

“Everyone was very friendly and professional and took great pride in their work. You have a fantastic team and I would recommend you to everyone!!”
R Gordon – April 4, 2013

“Larry was excellent and very thorough and Ronnie handled a concern immediately. Very impressed with how hard working the crews were – very commendable!!”
Russell W. – April 24, 2013

“We shopped around for 2 years to find the perfect pool for our home. We chose Gary Pools after reviewing competitors. Each and every employee associated were dedicated and professional and worked extremely hard to give us a pool we are proud of. Thanks to all associated with Gary Pools.”
A & J Bridges – April 24, 2013

“Your team were the ultimate “nice guys” who always had time to chat and have a good laugh, even on weekends. In business terms, they built a strong rapport and earned my confidence. Again, my many thanks to you and your team. I know that I will enjoy the pool and make many memories.”
K. White – April 1, 2013

“We were very impressed by all the workers in each phase.”
Gary O. – March 27, 2013

“Could not have been in better hands with Sean and Gary Pools!! Will be recommending Gary Pools for years to come – we love our Pool!!”
KM – March 3, 2013

“Everything was great!!”
L. Smith – February 19, 2013

“Everyone was concerned about our satisfaction. Love our Pool!!”
RS – February 18, 2013

“Steve gets a 10+++++ and Pool School Demonstration gets a 10+++++ also!”
SE – February 9, 2013

“I will recommend to family and friends for sure.”
MT – December 12, 2012

“Overall Joe, Gordon and Larry have been outstanding. I am so glad I decided to go with Gary Pools.”
Mario – December 12, 2012

“We love our Pool!!”
Steve – November 18, 2012

“Couldn’t ask for a better team!!”
Jim – October 23, 2012

“Joe was considerate, professional and helpful. Always called ahead when he was coming and did exactly what he said he was going to do.”
JC – October 13, 2012

“Could not be happier with our pool!”
MJ – November 12, 2012

“The guys were a solid wonder to watch!! I was amazed with the Plaster Crew.”
HS – September 10, 2012

“All crews were great and professional.”
RG – August 27, 2012

“Amazing Service – WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!”
CT – August 8, 2012

“Enjoying our Pool – Thanks Gary Pools!!”
JG – August 7, 2012

“Pete designed our pool exactly like I wanted.”
LR – July 25, 2012

“Process was so easy!!”
MR – July 24, 2012

“Great crew from start to finish.”
MU/JS – June 30, 2012

“As I expected the pool is beautiful!!”
BF – June 22, 2012

“We were more impressed with the construction of our pool than we were with the construction of our home! Crews were wonderful!!”
JC – June 23, 2012

“Designers and Construction were outstanding!!”
TW – June 15, 2012

“We recommend Gary Pools to all of our friends!! Outstanding job!!”
PC – June 15, 2012

“Great team!!”
SB – May 29, 2012

“Great Experience!!”
JP – May 15, 2012

“All I can say is you guys are great!!”
KY – April 25, 2012

“Thank you so much for our wonderful pool!!”
RH – April 24, 2012

“No problems at all at any stage!! Love our pool!”
RC – April 19, 2012

“The pool is beautiful and we love the results!!”
CG – April 19, 2012

“I would highly recommend Gary Pools to anyone!!”
LC – January 18, 2012

“Your team is very professional!”
GF – January 14, 2012

“Everyone was fantastic and it was a great experience!!”
AW – January 20, 2012

“I am so happy with our results!!”
JG – March 28, 2012

“Wonderful company, fantastic employees – we just couldn’t be happier!!”
CT – March 8, 2012

“We highly recommend Gary Pools.”
BM – January 30, 2012

“Thank you so much for an awesome pool building experience – we love our pool!!”
RL – February 3, 2012

“Mr. Zars – congratulations on your entire team!! We are glad we chose Gary Pools over others!!”
GC – February

“The pool is beautiful and we love the results.”
Chris – April 9, 2012

“We’re glad we chose Gary Pools – congratulations on your outstanding crew.”
Greg – February 15, 2012

“We couldn’t be happier. Wonderful company – we’re very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Gary Pools.”
Charles – March 8, 2012

“Everyone was fantastic and it was a great experience.”
Albert – January 20, 2012

“Thank you so much for the wonderful pool.”
Raymond – April 24, 2012

“All I can say is you guys are great!”
Kurt – March 25, 2012

“Great team – very satisfied.”
Sal – March 3, 2012

“Don’t change anything!! Could not be happier with the whole process.”
MJ – September 1, 2012

“I would highly recommend Gary Pools to anyone.”
Lee – January 18, 2012

“The 2 steel guys were a solid wonder to watch! Our salesman is a very good guy to work with.”
HS – September 10, 2012

“Amazing Service – we love you guys!! You guys are wonderful.”
Carl – August 8, 2012

“The salesman was friendly, professional and helpful from our first meeting to the completed project. I gave him a verbal description of the pool we wanted and he came back with exactly what we wanted.”
Joe – October 13, 2012

“The salesman was very helpful. He made the process very easy.”
Mike – July 24, 2012

“All crews were professional, courteous and friendly. Couldn’t have asked for a better team.”
Jim – October 23, 2012